A light and compact client-side framework for building living, breathing web pages.

Serenade.js is a client side framework built on the MVC pattern. It makes it simple to create rich client side applications by freeing you from having to keep the DOM up to date with your data through powerful data bindings.

Serenade.js is simple enough to get you started quickly, yet powerful enough to create rich and complex applications.

  1. Simple

    Get started in a single line of code. No need to create complicated graphs of objects, just start working.

  2. Plays nice

    Serenade gets out of your way. You can integrate it into your existing applications today, because it plays well with all existing JavaScript code.

  3. Data bindings

    Serenade's templates automatically update when your data changes. No need for any special wiring, everything is kept current all the time.

  4. Small

    Serenade is just 11k gzipped and has absolutely zero dependencies. No jQuery, no special adapters, no nothing. Just drop a single JS file into your app and start working.

Try it now!

Step through our interactive demo and get a fast introduction. Or read through our thorough documentation, start with the introduction. Still need help? Ask your question on our mailing list.

Browser support

Serenade.js works in all modern browsers, including IE9. IE8 and below are not supported.


Serenade.js is licensed under the MIT license, see the LICENSE file.

Substantial parts of this codebase where taken from CoffeeScript, licensed under the MIT license, by Jeremy Ashkenas, see the LICENSE file.